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With more than 15 years of professional experience in the business, above hundred releases, gold and platinum records, our team will approach each project with the same care and know-how for the best professional result. Our studio are equipped with top of the line gear that can record any type of music.



Mixing can be compared to haute cuisine. It requires a lot of taste and experience as well as technical abilities. It also requires a deep understanding of trends and musical genres.

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Wether it’s for a record, an audio book or some audio content for picture, our team is here to give you advice on all aspects of the production process. Dealing with a project from beginning to end is probably the best added value we bring on the table.

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Live concert recording, churches, concert halls or any special location can be the choice to record a project. We are equipped with a very special recording setup to be able to record in a lot of places with high audio quality.

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