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Having studied music production and engineering at the Berklee School of Music, Yvan started as an assistant engineer for many top producers and engineers in New York City, before starting his career as a freelance engineer and producer.

Thanks to such valuable experience and a steadfast passion for his work, Yvan developed a unique approach to music production and a broad technical expertise in mixing and recording, becoming quickly  a sought-after professional. In 2008 he co-founded Kitchen Studio while still pursuing a freelance career. Yvan also regularely share his knowledge and experience at the SAE Institute in Geneva.


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An accomplished guitar player, Laurent was a member of numerous bands in Geneva’s alternative music scene. He also studied piano and music theory at Geneva’s conservatory. His love for music and records pushed him towards audio production.
Former head of SAE Institutes’s audio department in Geneva, he cofounded Kitchen Studio in 2008 to pursue his career as a freelance engineer. A protools expert, Laurent can work both in audio post-production for film and TV, as well as in music, where his extensive and diverse background give him an extra edge.


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Stephane graduated from the SAE institut in 2006 and has been engineering and producing records since then, dealing effortlessly with different music genre ranging from electro to indie and pop rock.

With a solid background in electronic music production, Stephane has quickly become an indispensable asset for Kitchen Studio.

From recording to mixing, from production to remixing, he can handle the complete chain of music production.



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